micro men

micro men

Male pouch

Adhesive Strip to allow the product to be worn with conventional underwear

The product's folded design ensures a secure fit

The Euron® Cotton Feel™ back sheet makes the product more comfortable and ensures discretion

Euron® Micro Men pads have been designed for light to moderate male urinary incontinence. The pads feature a white Cotton Feel™ textile back sheet for comfort and discretion and their folded design facilitates fitting and helps to prevent any leakage. Once correctly positioned the pad can be fixed in place with the adhesive strip. These pads should also be used with close fitting underwear.

Two absorbencies are available – Euron® Micro Men Extra for light incontinence and Euron® Micro Men Super for moderate incontinence.

How to Use

Unfold the pad and halve it length ways forming a cupped area in the middle of the pad.

Remove the paper from the adhesive strip of the pad.

Stick it onto the crotch area of your close-fitting unerwear, carefully positioning it so that any urine that may escape will go into the central area of the pad.

Pull-up your pants and check that the pad remains in place and fits closely to your groin.

How to Use
Absorbency QAS Colour Pack Count
Extra 28
Super 28


Euron Micro Men Product Overview

Product sheet Euron® Micro Men

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