Pull-up pants

An entirely soft, Cotton Feel™ composition allows the product to replace conventional underwear

Full elastication ensures a close, comfortable fit

The enhanced anti-leak cuffs help to prevent leakage and offer a closer fit around the legs

A tear-off seam allows the pant to be easily removed

Euron® Mobi elasticated pull-up pants combine the latest Euron® technologies in a soft, comfortable, simple-to-use product. Resembling normal underwear, the pants offer benefits for users with an active lifestyle and can prolong independence. Full elastication ensures that the pants will fit closely and can be worn with confidence.

Suitable for light and moderate levels of incontinence the pants should be selected by waist size and absorbency. Coloured absorbency tabs help with this.

How to Use

Euron® Mobi is designed to be worn as regular underwear, the sticker should be placed at the back.

Remove the pad by pushing it down or by tearing the side seams.

Once removed, simply roll the pad up and throw it away.

How to Use
Absorbency Size / Colour Coding QAS Pack Count
  S M L XL    
Secret     14
Extra     14
Super 14
Extra Plus     14


Euron Mobi Product Overview

Product sheet Euron® Mobi

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