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Euron® is one of Europe's leading brands of disposable products for the management of incontinence. Manufactured in Belgium, France and Spain by Ontex Healthcare, Euron® pads provide a complete range of types and absorbencies to manage light to very heavy incontinence in adults. Available in up to 5 absorbencies all pads are clearly marked in order to be easily identified by using the Euron® Quick Absorption Scale™.

Manufactured in modern factories, operating in accordance with international standards, Euron® pads have an enviable reputation for quality. Furthermore, state of the art technologies incorporated into Euron® pads ensure fast and effective absorption offering comfort, discretion and peace of mind for all users.

Whether you are a healthcare professional or someone who uses Euron® products, this website is designed to provide useful information to enable you to get the best from Euron® products.

Ontex is the European market leader in hygienic disposables for the private label sector and operates from 12 manufacturing facilities to maintain its position. These facilities are strategically placed to enable the business to ensure its products are always able to reach its customers on time.

The company offers a wide range of baby nappies and wipes, feminine hygiene products and is also a key supplier to the adult incontinence sector through its Healthcare division.

Visit the Ontex International website.

Ontex is committed to maintain its leading position as the preferred supplier of hygienic disposable products to the retail trade and other institutional bodies, with a key focus on quality and product innovations. Ontex is passionate about achieving high levels of customer service, to help build trust between customers, the company and its employees. This combined with the competitive pricing provides the value proposition which Ontex represents to its customers.

To be a leading hygienic disposables provider with a strong focus on customer service, innovation and quality.

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